Fall wedding bouquets

Fall wedding bouquets, fall flower bouquet arrangements, and Autumn flowers for wedding bouquets.

Often the magical fall wedding bouquet is achieved by making an arrangement natural and authentic to give a vintage style look. The most popular fall wedding flower is the majestic calla lily which is full of elegance and made up of an incredible range of colors. A classic fall flower is the hydrangea that has plenty of qualities and shades that look great in a fall wedding bouquet and complement almost any arrangement. Hydrangea are also a cheap flower to choose for a fall bouquet. Other great fall wedding flowers include sunflowers, Montibretia, Tulips, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Winter Jasmine, Zinnia, Daisies, Iris, and surprisingly roses are becoming another favorite brides choice.

A great addition to create a authentic fall bouquet is large dandelions and dried leaves to provide a more rustic feel and give a less contemporary perfect look. Dandelions however are very delicate and can be very messy but a fixative spray can be used to hold the parachute flower head together. Whilst on the subject of sprays, there are many aerosol sprays out there that deepen the shade of a flower to enrich its appearance and help keep the wedding flowers looking fresh throughout the day. Knowing a list of what type of flowers are in season during the fall is essential in choosing bouquets that will create that warm authentic feel. Fall wedding flowers have the potential to look fantastic, combining the right assortment will inevitably lead to a look other brides would envy. Certain flowers look fantastic in bouquets whilst other types have qualities that make them ideal for individual fall centerpieces.

Alternatively if you want to keep your fall wedding bouquet simple then elegant flowers such as calla lilies are ideal to create a stunning arrangement with minimal added decoration required.

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