Fall wedding boutonnieres

Natural Fall wedding boutonnieres, home made boutonnieres, and Fall, Autumn button holes.

Wedding boutonnieres (or buttonholes) are a key feature that can really make a difference to how male members of a wedding party look. It is often that finishing touch that provides a sense of style and sophistication. Traditionally single flowers where used as boutonnieres and are still used today, however more and more people look for that something different and create simplistic designs using fir cones, thistle, foliage, herbs, feathers, acorns, and even wheat as natural accents for the perfect fall boutonniere. This more modern approach is ideal for grooms who don't like flowers and prefer a toned down look. Incorporating the shades and symbols of fall makes the boutonniere much festive and themed, however less is often more so if you are making your own, remember to keep it a simple design. The material to tie your chosen elements together is also an important factor to consider. Depending on the design, coloured ribbon can be used for a slick look or frayed string for a authentic vintage look.

Although boutonnieres are often only seen as a small flower, there are many elegant extras to give that wedding boutonniere a chic look. The creative use of foliage, wire and beads are just some little embellishments that can make a huge difference. The colour of a fall wedding boutonniere can be chosen to either contrast or complement the colour of the groom's wedding outfit. For instance a brown suit with a cream cravat could be complemented by a dusty blue boutonniere made from a bluebell, orchid or tulip. The more imaginative you are with the design of your handmade fall boutonniere, the bigger the surprise will be on the guests faces.



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