Fall wedding centerpiece

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Certain flowers have qualities that make them ideal for fall centrepieces. The first subject to consider is the type of look you endeavour to create. Terra Nostra Roses (chocolate coloured roses) gathered with ivy and shaped flax leaves can be a truly great arrangement for a vintage look. For a more modern floral centrepiece you could use white roses, tulips and Calla lilies all in shades of white coupled with painted wire waves used as accents. Whether it be a natural and authentic look, simplistic modern arrangement or a vintage style, the true success of a fall wedding centrepiece is the accents that are used to complement the flowers. Seasonal accents such as festive fruit, pumpkins, berry’s and a favourite of mine, mistletoe, can be added to a fall centrepiece to help accentuate that exquisite autumnal fall look. Berry’s for example are a great feature as well as squashes, spruce, green/yellow ivy Rosemary, Cotinus, Senecio, Rose Hips, Eucalyptus, Sages and Rose buds can add an extra delicate feminine touch to the overall centrepiece effect. All these accents individually look great around a candelabra or set of candles if you prefer not to base the centrepiece around flowers alone.

For brides wanting a budget fall wedding centrepiece then a possible and realistic alternative is silk wedding flowers. Often cheaper than the real thing modern day silk wedding flowers still have the authentic real look with the use of a few withering leaves or imperfect stems to maintain an exquisite fall look. Making your own fall centrepiece can also be a viable option but you must remember not to go to wild on the design as you wouldn't want it to over-dominate a table and prevent people from socialising and chatting. Of course the more complements flooding around your venue for how beautiful your dress is mustn’t be discouraged! So ideally go for a centrepiece design arrangement that is low in height so people can talk over, or tall and thin so people can talk around.



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